About Us

Thank you for visiting Postcardsource.com, the online retail store for Schellmark Postcards – at one time the largest publisher and distributor of patriotic nostalgia and scenic postcards in the world.

For some, receiving a postcard from friends and family with a sincere “Wish You Were Here” sentiment gave instant joy and was sure to be affixed to an office bulletin board or the family refrigerator door.

Sadly, the advent of technology through the internet and smart phones has made the use of postcards as a social medium a thing of the past.  For those of you who continue to see the value of postcards as a collectible item, or better yet, a vehicle to express your heartfelt warmth towards friends and family, we invite you to navigate our site and select from our inventory of thousands of postcards.

If there is an image or subject you don’t see, contact us or send us a postcard – we may be able to meet your needs from our bast photographic library where we can create custom cards for you and even produce one-off posters. Enjoy!

Bill Scheller (a.k.a “The Postcard King”)